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Seven things to do in Isolation

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Isolation Day 35,679

11am Laura is in the bathroom counting the freckles on her nose in the mirror,

11.02am Laura is counting the faint baby hairs on her belly button,

11.03am Laura contemplates plucking her legs with her tweezers, gives it a go, maybe not!

11.05am Laura decides to shave her feet

We are living in a time where we are counting each second, minute or hour of the day, i wake up daily wondering what i can do just to keep myself entertained for an hour to break the day up, each mundane, soul crushing, frigging bored shitless day!

So I've compiled a list of random things to do to add a bit of something to your day, Netflix can wait and it will stop you putting then second bar of chocolate in your gob, you dont have to change out of your pj's but if you want to feel fabulous and splash on a bit of lippy then why the hell not!

1.Start a Diary

Even if you aren't much of a writer, this is a hopefully once in a lifetime situation that we are all going through, one to tell the grandchildren, why not document what you are doing, how you are feeling, your hopes and plans for life after lock down, capture this period in your life and look back in the future and see how you've coped and how strong a person you have become. People are finding their mental wellness is taking a battering at a time like this; periods of isolation, families split, ill health etc can all

have an effect on even the strongest person, writing things down can help ease your worries, it won't take them away but it certainly takes the pressure off even in the tiniest way.

2.Wardrobe Clear Out

How many of us can hold our hands up and say we have a perfectly organised wardrobe? Are you guilty of keeping those jeans you wore 15 years ago that you just KNOW you will fit into again? or are you the type that fills their wardrobe with must have clothing that still has the labels on? Are you a serial sale shopper, did you buy that multi coloured coat that wouldn't look out of place at a West End musical purely because it was reduced to a tenner in the Next Boxing Day sale (there's a reason for that queen, its a frigging eye sore).

So its time to empty your whole wardrobe all over your bed, like literally throw all that shit out of the cupboard. There's a method to my madness, this way you can't not finish the job, you have to finish before you can climb back in bed.

Now there will be moments when you regret the decision to start this endless task but remember that family size of Dairy Milk you have stashed away from the kids, think how much more you will enjoy it curled up in bed while you watch Ru Paul reruns on Netflix, lie back and look at your lovely new wardrobe all spruced up, ready for tackling the sales once the shops open again!

As for what to do with all your old clothing, bags etc; obviously at this moment in time we don't have the luxury of charity shops or doing a swap party with our girlfriends, even passing a bag of unwanted goodies to your neighbour Tracey down the street isn't an option. However when our lock down finishes; websites such as Depop, Vintage, Patatam, Ebay and Shpock are all great places to get rid of your unwanted items and in return make a little bit of cash along the way.

And who knows, you may find some hidden little gems in the midst of the chaos that was your wardrobe, items you've bought on a whim but never had the right accessories to match, so keep your eyes peeled; you never know whats lurking inside that old, crumbled up Primark paper bag hiding in the corner.

3. Learn a New Skill

Ever fancied doing your own nails and saving a fortune in the process? ever thought of yourself on the next Bake Off? How about learning how to perfect that ever dreaded facial contour? Whatever skill you would love to perfect or learn from scratch now is the time to do it! With endless time on your hands all you need is a phone/laptop and brew (or a cheeky vino) pull up a pew and log on to You tube. It has everything you could possibly want to learn.

Things you can learn from home:

- Makeup tutorials, become the new Nikki Tutorials,

- Photography, learn lighting and where to find the best photo locations,

- Drawing, whether its water colours or acrylics, give it a whirl,

- Baking, become the new Mary Berry, just check you can get your hands on flour first,

- Web Design, learn the basics for making your own little website,

- Writing, write articles, blogs, or short stories,

- Photoshop or Light rooms, give your social media a professional finish,

- Modelling, strike a pose, build your confidence and look amazing,

- Pet Care, give your pooch a little pamper and treat their little paws,

- Self Tanning, give yourself a spring glow without the need to leave the house,

- Nail treatments, save yourself a fortune by practising gel or acrylic styles as well as nail art,

- Basic home repairs, give your house a splash of colour or tidy up those skirting boards,

- Learn a new language, give yourself an international edge and impress your friends with your new skills,

There are so many things you can learn online these days, just search for whatever you feel like you could put your hand to and go for it, not only does it fill a gap in your time, it keeps boredom at bay and possibly even a much needed career change after the lock down, who knows!

4. Virtual Party with Friends

Its 6 o clock Saturday night, you would usually be sat in a bubble bath with your hair in rollers shaving your legs with a face mask on prepping for your weekly night out with the girls (or lads!) somehow at the minute the effort of even running a bath (you've suddenly turned into the great unwashed recently) seems too much for sitting in your bf's scabby t shirt with last nights dinner spilt on, never mind the thought of shaving your unmentionables that currently make you look like one of the Jackson 5's hair do' circa 1978; it all seems like hard work really, whats the point, who's going to see me? who really cares that i have legs like a cactus just less green?

Well! what better excuse than having a virtual party!!!!! You can find plenty of apps on your phone or computer that help you have multiple people all connected via video call at once. All you need to do is send out an invite to your besties and get yourself a bottle of something fizzy.

Why not arrange to all do it in your glad rags, full on glam just like you would on a night out, give yourself an excuse to get glammed up and feel a little extra even if it is just for a couple of hours, not only will this make you feel a little less like the crypt keeper but it will also reconnect you with your closest friends and enjoy each others company like most of us are missing right now. Bonus! no taxi Queue in the cold for this one tonight, climb into bed with all your fabulousness still in tact!

5. Your Own Photo shoot

So while this sounds a bit out there for some, this is a really fun thing to do. This can be in the shape of a family shoot, a make up shoot, husband and wife, pets, a boudoir shoot, you name it you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

No experience needed, as we are all locked down at home use the most of your surroundings, beds, gardens and chairs are all props you can use,along with a plain wall we have everything we could need.

Have fun, do your hair and makeup, pick out a cute outfit and strike a pose. Use your kids and pets as props, it doesn't need to be serious it can be fun, jokey even.

It doesn't have to be cover ready for this months Vogue, you can add your finished pics to your social media or even keep them just for yourself, either way it will kill a few hours and give you something fun to look back on in the future.

6. Hold a Quiz Online

Social media is full of various quizzes and games at the moment ; whether it is a Harry Potter quiz, Friends Number 1 fan or just a general knowledge quiz, there is something for everyone.

These quizzes are fun and give you chance to compete with your friends, while its not quite the same as sitting in a pub with a pint of cider and a packet of dry roasted peanuts, it is something to break your time up. Plus its quite acceptable to sit in your pj's with no makeup on.

Alternatively you could start your own quiz! Arrange a platform to display your questions (you tube is a good place to start) and invite all your friends, its a good way to socialise and can be a really good laugh. Give it a try, next stop Mastermind!

7. Join Tik Tok

If you've not already heard of Tik Tok (where have you been hiding?) this is an app that you can download onto your phone and share with friends.

Whether you like dancing or competing in challenges, miming along to your fave singer there's something on here for everyone.

With dance instructions and celebrities posting regularly, this app is seriously fun; even if you don't want to take part and make your own videos there's plenty of people to watch to keep you entertained, It's laugh a plenty for the most part.

So whether you fancy prancing about with your hairbrush, dancing along to famous dance routines, or taking part in the endless challenges, you can get other members of your household to join in, its suitable for any age all it takes is a bit of imagination and the app does the rest. We all need a giggle especially at the moment so its worth a look for everyone right now, even just to cheer you up for a few minutes out of your day.

So thats my 7 suggestions for stuff to do throughout your week, its something small to put a break in your day and to take your mind off waiting for Lock down to finish, although some of my ideas may not be something you would normally do, we are all in trying times so why not break routine and try something new.

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Stay Safe Everyone

Laura x

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