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Magnetic Lashes Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

As an eyelash technician i have only ever worn or used individual lashes or strip lashes for work or on my clients. Eyelash extensions are the most popular treatment i offer and most of the messages i receive are questions or bookings for eyelash extensions, they are big business and something i buy into wholeheartedly i absolutely love them.

When i first started training in beauty and makeup many, many moons ago, false eyelashes were not the norm, they were up there with fake boobs and hair extensions, people just didn't have them, they were classed as "fake" or they were unbelievably expensive. Over time woman started showing an interest in them and today i would say 90% of women who are interested in makeup, wear them.

A lot of my clients come to me so they can't remove the lashes, they want to get value for money and keep them on all the time, i explain that they only last between 2 and 3 weeks if they are looked after and a lot seem surprised and somewhat disappointed, they feel the price doesn't reflect on the length of time they will be wearing the lashes, little do a lot of people know the work it takes to do them.

So i'm always careful to explain they can buy strip lashes for a lot cheaper and they are super quick to put on but a lot of my clients explain that they have tried to use strip lashes and just can't get them right, they do need practice.

So i'm always on the lookout for fool proof easy to use, reasonably prices lash extensions that i can use as an added extra to provide for my clients. I had seen a new "revolutionary" beauty product on the market that made lashes easier to apply and would stay on no matter what, even better they were reusable. I'll be honest i wasn't convinced, they looked cheap and id not heard of anyone using these lashes so i just put them down to cheap alternatives you would find on foreign sites such as Wish, nice idea but no way was i using them, i am very careful what products i use, i feel if my clients are paying me money they have worked hard for the least i can do is use reputable, good quality products.

So after some time and a period of isolation for the whole population, my little beauty and eyelash business had came to a stop thanks to the Covid-19 virus, so my clients were a thing of the past. After browsing through my Facebook one afternoon i saw one of my clients had in fact bought the magnetic lashes i had seen. In the past she had great difficulty applying strip lashes and obviously being in lockdown, where was she going to go for lash extensions?

So after a quick catch up message and to ask her opinion on her new lashes, i ordered my first set. The set i bought was on special offer and i got 5 reusable pairs in the set along with an applicator and magnetic liquid eyeliner. Now the idea of these lashes you apply a layer of the magnetic eyeliner and the teeny magnets attached to the lashes bond them tightly together so there's no need for glue or waiting for the lashes to stick, i was still a teeny bit dubious but i soon changed my opinion as soon as they arrived.

These lashes were so strong and were so easy to use, i literally took 2 seconds to draw on the eyeliner and another 2 seconds to apply the lash, they gripped instantly, i have to say i panicked a bit once the lash attached to the inner corner of my eye, i don't know why, i just had a little fear when i felt the magnets connect, silly but i soon got used to it.

For the first time i wore the lashes i kept them on all day in the house, i did keep forgetting they were on and wiped my eyes but i couldn't believe how strong they were. The more i applied the lashes the easier it was to quickly throw them on without thinking about it. I eventually ventured out with my lashes on and after a long walk in the hot sun they still felt secure and were going nowhere, (see pic) i was so pleased with my new purchase.

So after doubting the effectiveness of this product to being a huge fan, i can definitely recommend magnetic lashes with liner. I'm not proclaiming to be a fan of every type of magnetic lashes as I've never used them, but i was really impressed with these.

I've had no irritation from the liner or the lashes themselves, although the liner does need a good wipe to remove it and if you adjust your lash you will def need to add more eyeliner, but other than this i would definitely say try a pair. If you feel bald with your own lashes or you just want something to brighten your makeup free days these are great, the styles vary much like regular strip lashes but you can swap and change them as they suit your mood.

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As always stay safe

Laura xxxxx

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