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How to apply liquid eyeliner

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

To date my favourite part of putting my face on is liquid eyeliner, i love how it looks and its very rare that i wear a face of makeup without it. My love for liquid eyeliner started from a young age but i very rarely wore it as i didn't have the confidence.

My auntie Joanne was ten years older than me so she would go out and get dressed up and i would often watch her and look at her makeup, she was the first person i knew who wore liquid eyeliner. As the years went on i went to 6th form with a girl called Kate, she was my friend in my textile class, she wore it every day; this time with more of a flick, a bit more emo/vintage style than my auntie, i loved it, so i began to practice.

I would apply and wipe it off, apply and wipe it off until i got it right, even now there are times i have to wipe my eye liner off because ive blinked, not let it dry long enough and smudged it, or basically just messed it up. Its always trial an error even after 20 years plus of wearing it.

I started wearing eyeliner using a pencil, it was easier to control but didn't give that impact look. It may be a good idea to start this way if you have never wore it before, not only may it be easier for you to try but pencils are usually cheaper so you don't mind wiping it away.

Below I've done a step by step guide on how I apply liquid eyeliner, you will find your own techniques and styles but this is a basic list for you to start, please note i do not apply eyeliner to my whole eye (ie top & bottom), i only apply to the top, i also have a hooded lid so this keeps my eyes looking bigger, otherwise applying eyeliner to the top and bottom of my eye will close my eye and make it look a lot smaller.

So sit down with a clear mirror and follow the pointers below until you are happy with your look:

1. I normally apply my liner after ive done the rest of my makeup, liner and mascara are the last products i ever use.

2. If like myself you have a hooded eyelid you will need to stretch the skin on the outer part of your eye and base of eyebrow, otherwise you may find patches missing from your complete line. So once you have pulled the skin tight outwards i start by painting on a thin line from the inner corner of my lid, make sure you don't make it too thick at this point because you can hide mistakes by extending your line at a later point.

3. Once i have painted my line from the corner i take it to approx the centre of the eye then take the brush away, so i am left with 1/3 of the eye done.

4. I then move to the outer part of the eye where i start from the corner again moving inwards to the centre of the eye, again i stop so you are left with 2/3 of the eye painted.

5. I then go back to the centre of the eye and fill in the gap, joining the previous 2 lines together, so at this point you will have 1 straight line that you can now use as a guide to thicken. At this point you can neaten up any bumps in your liner as you can see from my pic below there are joins in the line, by thickening this line up you will neaten it, you can also make the line thicker at one end so its more gradual but if you are new to liquid eyeliner i would stick to 1 straight line.

6. Depending on how you want your liner to look you need to sharpen the point at the outer corner of your eye, this can be a teeny flick that blends in with your lashes or can be extended to look more noticeable and prominent, again i would advise doing this in steps and very slowly, there's nothing worse than perfecting your liner then ruining it with a flick.

7. I normally use another 3 steps for doing my flick; imagine a little triangle but on a slight angle, using the very tip of your brush (the finest part) take it to a point that is sharp and neat; so line your triangle then colour in the space, sometimes i have to go back and use the tip to gently flick the top again .

Like ive mentioned this type of makeup calls for lots of practice but it really is simple to apply, just take your time and don't be heavy handed with the brush, you can always add to your work, if you mess up you will have to remove it and start again which can sometimes result in unwanted black smudge marks on your face and thats really not a good look.

I'm quite happy to use any liner product but i do have a few favourites which if i'm splashing out on i will always buy, these include:

MAC Liquidlast liner

Kat Von D tattoo liner

Soap & Glory Supercat liner

Alternatively if i don't have much cash to splash i will go for:

Rimmel Glam Eyes

ELF Liquid eyeliner

Revolution Pro Liner all of which i can buy for a few pounds and do just as good a job.

Whatever your choice of liner just bear in mind you will probably waste a lot when practising, but any liner will last you some time, even the teeniest of pots.

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Stay Safe as always

Laura xxxxx

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