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How to Apply False Lashes

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

As an avid fan of makeup since i was a young girl, ive constantly tried countless looks over the years, from natural to over the top and everything in between there is one thing that is consistent in the finishing of the face and that is the use of false eyelashes.

Now for many people there is a fear of using false eyelashes "i cant do it" "what do i do" "i'm frightened of doing it wrong" truth is if you do it wrong just take them off and try again. It's all about practice, repeat, practice.

There is also the choice of lashes that are on the market for you to choose from, do you go for natural, glam or super glam, it all depends on the look you are going for. For me personally i like to go for glam without being too over the top, for some people thats too much for others not enough, either way i like to give my clients the choice before i apply any lashes.

I am also an eyelash technician so for me the consultation for individual lashes is the same with strips.

So below i have made a step by step guide for any newbies who have only just started using lashes, it really is something that needs practice but something everyone can do, no special skills or degrees involved.

Step 1. Trim

Take your lashes one at a time and hold them up against your natural lash, (do not apply any glue before you do this), you want your false lash to fit the length of your natural lash, trust me having a massive blob of tickling hair in the corner of your eye is not a good look and scratches like mad. With a sharp pair of scissors cut both lashes on the outer edge to the appropriate lengths, i cut mine on an angle so it fits in better with your liquid eyeliner if you intend to wear it.

Step 2. Glue

Take your first lash and hold it with your applicator tool, squeeze a thin layer of glue on the top of the strip, less is more in this case, use too much your eyelashes will look clumpy and they will make your eyes sticky, if you feel like you need more glue you can always add more. Once you have applied the glue let it start to set for approx 30 seconds, if you feel the need, waft it through the air a little until it becomes tacky.

3. Application

When it comes to applying the lash, i recommend looking down into your mirror, as in hold the mirror below your eye line but high enough so you can see; you then want to add the lash strip to the base of your eyelash so its just touching just above your hair. Using your applicator tool place the lash on in several parts corner, centre and other corner, then repeat over the other areas you haven't touched, i do this a few times until my lash feels secure and i know it isn't going anywhere. If you dont have an applicator tool you can use normal tweezers, some people with long nails will do the same with the tips of their nails, it depends how experienced you are in applying eyelashes.

4. Liquid Eyeliner

Don't worry if you can see the strip off the eyelashes quite clearly on your eyelid, this can be hidden with your eyeliner, I find the best liner to use is liquid eyeliner, again practice makes perfect, use the strip off your lashes as a guide and literally paint over the strip so you cant see any remnants of glue and gently flick off in the direction of the eyelashes in the outside corner of your eye.

Like i mentioned before practice makes perfect, it may take you the best part of an hour to apply your lashes but you will get quicker over time and it will become second nature to you just like getting dressed.

I read once that Marilyn Monroe would spend hours doing her own makeup to then literally wash it all off and start again, she was known for taking hours on end for what nowadays would be classed as a pretty simple look, now the way i see it if the most beautiful woman in the world had to do this then surely the rest of us are ok to do the same.

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Stay Safe

Laura x

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