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Going Bananas Banana Cake

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Another of my favourite cakes to make is Banana Cake, this holds very dear memories for me as a child when my mum would make it for my dad, usually on a Sunday. To this day my dad still loves this cake, as do i and my children, in fact out of the 7 of them not one of them doesn't love this cake and its one of the simplest and easiest cakes to make.

Another good point of this cake is that while we are in isolation its a good thing to try with the kids to keep them busy especially on a rainy day. You don't have to be a brilliant baker to make this cake just follow the simple rules below and you will be fine.

In my (and my dad's) opinion this cake is definitely best when served warm, when it just cool enough to eat straight out of the oven, it has to be a big slice served with a nice hot brew.


250g Butter

250g Sugar

250g Self Raising Flour

4 medium eggs

6 brown bananas, you can use less but i use lots for lots of flavour! Tip of the Day!!!! Use brown bananas they are sweeter and taste stronger, plus they are usually cheaper in the shop as noone wants to buy them!!!!!


- Pour your sugar and butter together until they are both mixed in well,

- crack your eggs in a bowl and pour half into the sugar and butter, once mixed in add the other half and mix well,

- take your bananas and peel them, chop them up into a bowl and start to mash them up, once they are completely mashed add them to your mixture,

- you will then find your mixture becomes quite thick and lumpy dont worry

- take your flour and add it in small sections fold it into your mixture

-Once ready butter and flour your baking tin, feel free to use baking sheets, fill your tin with your mixture and add to your oven, i preheat at 150 degrees and place it in for approx 40 mins, keep checking on it that its not burning, you will get an idea once its ready as it will be golden brown and you will see it separate from the edge of your tin, plus the smell of cake will be filling your kitchen

- Check your cake with a skewer or knife remember if its clear when you stab it into the cake its cooked, if not it will be sticky and full of mixture so return it back to the oven for a few more minutes and check again.

- run a knife around the edge of your cake and tip it out on a cooling rack to settle.

- crack on that kettle!!!!!!

Like i said this is an easy cake to make, you dont need to be great at baking and its cheap to make as well as entertaining the kids, it works for our big brood anyway!

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Most importantly make sure you stay safe,

take care Laura xxxxxx

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