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Glitter Lips by Beauty Blvd Product Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

So i was recently, very kindly sent a sample of Beauty Boulevards Glitter lips in the post; i was sent two beautiful colours, "Vintage Pretty" and "Ruby Slippers". One is a pale pink glitter bomb the other a Bright red spectacular.

"Drink, kiss and party without losing any of your sparkle."

For anyone who hasn't seen Glitter Lips before, they are the product of a beauty cosmetic company, Beauty Boulevard, all their products are cruelty free and vegan friendly. Based in the North West of England they offer a huge range of products including makeup and skin care.

These sort of lip glitters are not for the faint hearted and if you want to stand out in a crowd, these babies are definitely for you!

Whether you like full coverage to make everyone stop and stare or a gentle ping of shimmer these products are guaranteed to do the job.

The kit includes a pot of lip glue to attach the glitter as well as a brush to apply and remove any excess you may wish to take off. Its such a simple application, you dab the glue add your glitter and off you go, easy peasy!

You can use as little or as much glitter as you like, i like to use a full lip for big impact but if you are looking for a light sparkle just use it sparingly. There are 19 colours to choose from and they are all amazing and at a great price too, just £8.99 per kit and they last up to 25 applications, thats a lot of use for a small price to pay.

Another great thing about the Glitter Lips kits is that they are compact and small enough to fit in any type of bag. For example if you were to be on a fabulous big night out and felt like topping up your glitter the little pot that contains the glitter plus the dabber brush and glue would fit into the inside pocket of a clutch bag; is so easy to take out and takes 30 seconds to apply.

You may find that when you cover your lip in glitter it can feel a bit strange at first with the texture on your lips, in this case i apply a lip colour beneath to keep the moisture on your mouth, it literally makes everything pop and is absolutely gorgeous.

So this product definitely does what it says on the packet, its glitter, its fabulous, its sexy and sassy, its easy to use great value for money and will make your face pop when you wear it, along with cruelty free what more can you ask for, check them out now at

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Laura xxxxxx

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