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Funny Face Pizza Making with the Kids

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

As anyone with kids at home from school will know, finding things to do with your little ones can be difficult, if your child either doesn't want to do school work or just generally is in a bad mood, i always find baking or cooking works wonders for cheering them up.

Pizza is always a good choice for any child, they can put whatever topping they like and it also encourages them to taste new things.

Having lots of children means lots of different tastes and choices, so cooking for ourselves works great for us, it also uses up any fresh food we may have left over.

So our ciabatta pizzas are super easy to make, so you don't need to be able to make pizza dough or worry about making fresh sauces, although if you can, go for it as it makes a world of difference, on this instance i had a very large jar of pasta sauce that needed using so that was what we used, don't buy anything you don't need, just use what you have. We also had some long life bread in the cupboard, you know the type you cook in the oven yourself? but you could use pitta bread, naan bread, whatever you fancy, i do usually use ciabatta but i thought these may be a bit more filling for the kids tea. So! first things first layer your bread with your sauce, as little or as much as you like!

Then its time to choose your favourite veggies and salads and chop them up, if your stuck for time do it yourself or let your little ones chop them with little child safe scissors or just rip them apart with their fingers, obviously i encourage my children to wash their hands before we start!

Tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and various peppers work well, they dont need a lot of time to cook in the oven and also your little ones can taste them as they go, do you dare use pineapple on your pizza!!!!! its a big yes in our house!!!!!

Next we choose if we fancy meat on our pizza, pepperoni or salami are big faves with our children, we just have to watch tiny fingers digging in the pack and eating them all before we've placed them on our pizzas!

Once we have filled the pizza with meat its veggie time, the kids taste and choose what they fancy as they go, hot and spicy pepperoni are a big fave along with peppers and plenty of pineapple.

As you can see the kids can make plenty of shapes and funny faces on their pizza which also keeps them entertained looking at each others designs.

Next we add our favourite cheese on top, one of my daughters prefers grated cheese of any kind, the younger boys love mozzarella, either way they are pretty cheap cheeses to buy and go pretty far.

We then go through our spices and choose one to sprinkle on top of our pizza to give it that extra touch of yumminess. Marjoram,or Oregano work really well but you can use anything you like even good old black pepper can work a treat.

We are now ready for the oven, i usually

preheat the oven at 150 degrees and cook on a foiled baking tray for about 15 mins, keep checking on your pizzas because obviously children will pile theirs with as much food as they can, so quite possibly you may need to return your pizza for a bit longer.

Once your pizza is ready it will be golden brown with lots of yummy cheese.

I usually add the left over veggies to the side of the plate and the kids are delighted.This is a healthier version of a shop bought pizza and it kills some time keeping the kids entertained. You may find your own twists on my ingredients but thats the beauty of making your own, you can use whatever takes your fancy.

I hope this recipe gives you some ideas of pizzas to make at home and to see it doesn't have to be expensive or a big job, as long as its cooked and tastes good then nothing else matters. I've even toyed with the idea of making sweet pizzas, my daughter once asked to use chocolate as one of her toppings (along with tomatoes and cheese), it was a firm no, but who is to say we can't use chocolate spread in replacement of our tomato sauce, marshmallow and sweets as our toppings, who knows, maybe i will try this soon, but if you try it before me message me and send me pics of your results!

So don't forget where i am on social media, pop by with your pizza experiences, and subscribe to my blog to receive regular updates as well as discount codes and special offers.

As always stay safe and take care

Laura xxxxx

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