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My favourite baby products for a newborn

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

As a mum to 7 children, it astounds me how much things can change from baby to baby. Our eldest is 16 and our youngest is a newborn of 9 weeks, the 16 year age gap is quite a large period of time and so many things are different now than they were when i had my eldest.

The same goes for new baby products on the market, even as a mum of so many children, even i am unsure what to buy and what not to buy for any new baby we have. You hear so many horror stories in the media of these fantastic baby products that is the must have product, only to see a matter of weeks later a tragic accident has occurred, its such a difficult decision for new parents no matter how many children you have.

So starting off small, as i think most people do when they first find out they are expecting, one of the first items i bought was the cloth caddy pictured below. It made a change to the usual plastic tubs that most shops sell and was easy to put away for the duration of my pregnancy, it didn't take any space up at all.

I paid £8 for this item including postage, i love it, it comes flat packed and you pop the little inserts in yourself depending on what way you want the caddy laid out.

I had a lot of toiletries saved up so the extra pockets around the side were great for baba's little hair brush and teeny nail clippers; its also great for little tubes of cream and miniature moisturisers.

I did order one of these that was a lot cheaper from Wish but after 3 months it never arrived so I've included the link for the item that actually turned up and was a little pricier.

I do like this item a lot, its a big help when moving baby from one room to the next. I just throw in what i need for our bedtime routine and off we go to bed, same the next morning, its lightweight but holds a lot of weight, i would recommend it and its small enough that if you wanted to buy 2 so you have one upstairs and one downstairs you can, i am even tempted to buy a second one for next to the baby's bed!

Another item i absolutely love is from a company called Lajlo, this is the baby nest 5 elements set, this item is basically a big pod that you can adjust to suit your baby's size, and it comes with the nest cushion for inside the pod (nest) as well as matching flat pillow, butterfly pillow and little quilt, its absolutely lovely and such good value for money.

You can also buy these products separately if you dont want or can't afford the whole set.

The set i bought is the grey star set, it was £59.99, but there are so many more for you to choose from, boy or girl, i'd say this particular set is unisex and its also reversible.

These sets are all hand made and anti allergenic, you can wash them in the washing machine and are made from 100% cotton.

My little boy settles really well in his nest, in fact i'd go as far as saying he prefers it to his Moses basket. Being totally honest he looks so comfy and dreamy i'd love one myself!!!! I'm quite jealous!!!!!

This nest is also good for practical things such as getting a shower or making a phone call, i like having baby at the side of me on the couch while watching TV, on the bed while i read or get dressed, or for lying on the floor with our other children so they can interact together, its so light you can take it to visit family and friends, it also helps to keep baby by your side without having to hold them or leave them in their pram or car seat, if nothing else it helps us mums have a catch up with friends and hold a coffee without worrying if our little bundle is safe.

Also i'd like to point out the excellent customer service i received from Lajlo, they were polite, prompt and very professional. I'm happy with the service i received and would order other items from them in the future.

Not only do they make these bundles, they sell blankets, swaddle blankets, baby ball pits, swings, bedding sets, too many to mention; but any mum/dad to be would be hard pushed not to find something they don't like on this site. I have included the link below for their social media page as well as their website link, also if you would like to also give me a follow you will find my social links on my home page. Don't forget to say hi!



Another must have i bought was my nursing pillow, this was slightly different to previous pillows I've had as it had the detachable, teeny pillow on it for baby's head, this comes off easily if you don't want to use it. I think i actually ended up giving it to my little girls for their new dollies as i had a fair amount of time before my baby was due.

I bought this pillow when my pregnancy started to become uncomfortable, when i started waking through the night due to back pain or just generally being restless i knew it was time to invest.

I've had these pillows in my last 5 pregnancies and although it seems a bit of an excessive price to pay just for a cushion, but if you think you will use it when your pregnant as well as when the baby's born and onward, plus if your anything like me and you love your home comforts you can take it to the hospital with you.

The covers on these pillows are washable and you can buy replacement covers if you want to change the pattern,they can all be found online or if your savvy with a sewing machine, you can make your own cover like i have in the past, they are very simple to make and you can use the cover itself to make your own pattern.

I must admit i carried my pillow with me from the second it arrived; i used it to support my back when i was sat watching TV or sat at the dining table, i used it for my very frequent afternoon snoozes, to support my hips in bed or again to help my back, it came with me in the ambulance when i went into early labour as well as supporting me when i was breast feeding and even just cuddling my baby, even now when i play or interact with baba i sit him inside it to prop him up so he can see me and while he looks at his little world around him.

I've included the link for the exact pillow i bought but there are a lot more of these cushions online, you can buy different sizes and patterns and obviously the price varies depending on where you go to buy yours, i only paid £21.99 for mine and as a prime member i got free postage, im really happy with it, in the past i have opted for more expensive ones but in all honesty the quality of this one was no different.

Check it out!!!!

Another product i bought was called a braided bumper, this was an item i'd not tried before but had seen quite a lot online. At the time of buying it i didn't realise that it was so big, only afterwards had i realised that it was for a full size cot, but this hasn't stopped me from using it.

I was really happy with the product when it arrived, its a lovely soft, velour type fabric and it is a lovely quality. The pictures online don't do it justice, its a lovely shade of pale blue, grey and white.

The reason i originally bought this was because Bligh wasn't settling in his Moses basket, i think because he was snug inside my tummy and fitted in his surroundings, but he was born early, he was a teeny boy and had all this space around him, his blankets just didn't do the trick, so my thinking was that this bumper would help him.

So when i realised this item was far too big for baby's Moses basket (i'm not one for reading descriptions, clearly!) i tried popping it in his pram but it was still far too long and i was concerned with him over heating or squashing him in too tightly.

I was at a bit of a loss really when i realised what id ordered, i knew i would use it when he gets his cot but for now it would have to go away, then i realised i could use it sort of as a roll mat, so when for example hes had a bath and i lay him on my bed i surround him with the bumper so he cant go anywhere, also if he happens to fall asleep on my bed, again i use it to protect him.

Now obviously a new born baby isn't likely to roll anywhere but having other toddlers in the family can be a concern at times especially when they become excited or giddy, its normal to have near misses when your 3 year old dives on your bed not realising their baby brother is there, its nothing malicious it just happens sometimes, they are babies themselves and all they see is an opportunity to bounce, so if nothing else this bumper around the baby attracts peoples attention to the fact the baba is there and to be mindful.

I would def recommend this product it really is lovely, plus i can't wait to use it to its full advantage, its worth the £20 i spent and although most of its use will come as baby gets older, it still serves a good purpose now as a newborn. As per, the link is below check it out!

So these are just a few of the products ive used since having my most recent baby and they certainly won't be the last, so i will be adding extra blogs when i come across a great product that is good value for money and serves as a help to us mummy and daddy's.

If there are any products you would like to hear a review about, then drop me a message, its highly likely i may have already used one or its a perfect excuse for me to try it. So either fill in the message box on my contacts page or follow my social media links and drop me a message there.

As always Stay Safe!

Laura xxxxx

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